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Desmond a.k.a Desiree a.k.a DayeDaye a.k.a Lol smiley face : ] :) : ) : ]



1.Ponds have algae and are created by algae by he moister and hydroelectric power that it provides...2. Ponds have no outlet like lakes do. lakes have anoutlet to lead into other lakes and ponds don't.3. Ponds have plant growth they grow everyday because of the soil under the water and the nice water even though it is not pure water.

1. Lakes have a lot of phytoplankton such as algae, plankton, and other minerals in the lakes.2. Lakes sometimes provide hydroelectric power for those in the country and those with farms and those in need of resources.3. Lakes have an outlet to go and can lead the minerals and resources into other lakes...

!!Comparison And Contrast!!They are different because a lake has an outlet and can lead other water and minerals into other bopdies of water . wherefore the ponds have the same water in it and it has no outlet like a let and then it keeps the same minerals and everything else in it... They are the same because they are bodies of water...



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