Designing your alien world

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Designing your alien world

1) Clouds rain gas, forming huge lakes2) volcanoes spew red-hot lava and the sky is full of poisonous sulfur gas.3) As far as you can see in all directions is bright white ice, broken only by dark, rough rivers of more ice.4) It is far colder than Earth's South Pole all the time.5) It's hot enough to melt lead and the atmosphere weighs down on you as if you were diving far beneath the oceans surface.

What is the weirdest, most alien, eye-popping, nose shocking, skin crawling places you can think of?

For your world you need to have:a) does the world have a solid surface, or is it a gas ball like Jupiter and Saturn?b) How bright and what color is your world?c) What is the material covering the surface?d) Is there water on your world?e) If so, is it frozen, liquid, or vapor? And where is the water?f) What is the surface texture like? (smooth, cracked, cratered, mountainous, hilly, unusual formations, etc.)g) How hot or cold is the surface?h) How much does the temperature differ on the day and night sides?i) Does it have seasons?j) Is there an atmosphere?k) What kind of gases are in the atmosphere?l) Are there clouds?m) Is the surface hard packed or loose and dusty?n) Is the same material under the surface as on top?o)Does it have a magnetic field?p) What is in the sky? one sun? Two? Any moons?q) If your world is a moon of a bigger planet, what does the planet look like in the sky?.

What is your Alien World's Name?

Alien Worlds Weirdlet's make one!!!

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Your job is to create an alien world. Your world can be a planet, a moon or even an asteroid. Populate your world with strange, intelligent creatures or with primitive ones.

Conduct a Space Mission:You will place yourselves in the place of a team of scientists (including different kinds of scientists, such as astronomers, planetary geologists, or atmospheric chemists) from Earth who would like to learn more about this newly discovered world.Name of your mission:Destination:Known characteristics of your destination:Type of Mission: (orbiter, lander, flyby, or other)What did you learn:What did you not learn:

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