Designing My Writing Classroom Assignment

by Ksal16
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Designing My Writing Classroom Assignment

In my classroom I will provide time each day for my students to write!

Create Writing Centers!- Writing centers allow for all students to participate in different activities and lessons. This relates wells to diverse learners because they are able to find a center that suits their needs and learning styles. Learning centers can also give the students a variety of practice skills related to writing.

Designing My Writing Classroom!

My classroom will be full of engaged writers:1. Students will be given a comfortable, judge free writing enviornment.2. All students ideas and creativity will be encouraged.3. Collaborative and peer support during writing process is a must.4. The writing areas will be organized and easily accessible.5. Published student writing will be displayed around the room.6. PUBLISHED STUDENT WORK IS VERY IMPORTANT AND WILL BE VALUED IN MY CLASSROOM!

Some Key Strategies I will include in my writing classroom from a teaching standpoint:1. Emphasize to my students how important writing an sharin their ideas is.2. Allow students to have a say in their writing assignments, processes and topics.3. Allow students to share and publish their writings in any form comfrotable for them on an individual level.4. Allow the students to complete a writing in a process rather than an entire assignment. (Break up the writing assignment into completable sections)5. Have students keep a writing log that tracks the various writings their are completing and the topics they are writing about. 6. Make writing fun and interactive!

From a learning standpoint:I want my students to feel comfortable writing and sharing their writing. I also want my students to enjoy writing, the process and the effort they put into it. Over all, I want my students to enjoy and have fun with writing.

My classroom will have plenty of posters, visuals and reminders of good writing behaviors. These visuals will be good for all students especially diverse learners.

This Video Sums Up What I Want My Classroom to Look Like During Writing!

What Are the Main Things She Would Look For in a Writing Classroom??- Is the environemnt positive and supportive?- Are the students and is the teacher engaged in what they are writing?



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