Designing Carnival Games

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Designing Carnival Games

During this unit, you will:* collect, organize, and interpret data* analyze possible outcomes by using lists, tree diagrams, and other methods* state and apply the definition of probability* determine experimental and theoretical probabilities* make, test, and revise conjectures* use theoretical probability to make a game fair* develop fair and unfair games for a carnival

Designing Carnival Games

When you see a paperclip that indicates I have attached a document for you to use. Click on it to retrieve the document.

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Here are your instructions


1) follow all directions contained in these glog pages.2) work through the glog pages in order. 3) save your work in a folder to show your teacher.4) use the video clips to learn more about the math concepts before asking your teacher for help.

There will be homework to do. Remember to keep a folder of all your work!

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