Design Process: Fruit Salad

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Design Process: Fruit Salad

Part A: Design Process Poster FRUIT SALADBy Cassia Schwager to make Fruit Salad

Design SituationDesigning a cooking programme for young people is challenging in that they may have no experience in the kitchen and need to be taught all the basics of cooking skills and safety.Design BriefDesign and create a poster outlining the planning and processes that go into making FRUIT SALAD. The poster should include information on WH+S, kitchen hygiene, reading a recipe, time management, measurements, knife skills and cleaning.

Factors Affecting Design* What fruits are in season?* Is the fruit fresh?* What combination of fruit tastes good?* How much do I need to make?Criteria for Success* Was the process safe?* Does it take the time allocated?* Does it taste great?* Does it look good?* Did people enjoy eating it?

Experimentation* Trying different combinations of fruit* Adding other flavours such as lime juice or honey syrup.* Experimenting with shapes and sizes.Research* Study the recipe.* Learn what fruits go together.* Learn what fruits need acidity (lime juice) to keep the fruit from discolouring.

Production* Watch video clip to see demonstration to creating fruit salad.* Combine all aspects of the design process together to create the fruit salad.Evaluation* Did it taste the way I wanted it to?* Did it look the way I wanted it to?* Did it have the right amount?* What will I have to adjust for the next time i make fruit salad?* Did my guests give me any feedback?* Was it prepared in a safe, hygienic manner?

Project Management* Have the right equipment.* Have the right measurements.* Have the right ingredients and work fast.* Have the fruit at the right temperature.* Have a very sharp knife.* Tidy and clear bench space as you go.Idea Generation* Assess what worked and adjust the recipe to you taste the next time you prepare.


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