[2015] Annie Levy: Design Engineer

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[2015] Annie Levy: Design Engineer


Job OutlookAt the beginning of this career, you will most likely start out interning a lot. After about 2 years, a deisgn engineer will go to a more sucessful company and maybe even oneday make your own company. The amount of Design engineers is subjected to grow by 20%.


If you plan on being a design engineer, you will need get a HNC/HND in the following:engineering product designindustrial designcomputer-aided design engineeringengineering design and manufacturematerials science. There are a handful of engineering design schools like The Institution of Engineering Designers, University of South Florida, & Ohio State University. All of these schools require 4 years of college.

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By:Annie Levy

Possible JobsMost of these jobs require at least 2-8 years of experience. Some available careers in the Design Engineer field are:Senior Security Design Engineer: A person who works to improve a security system. Senior Systems Engineer at Apple: A person who improves the system of an Apple product [iPhone, iPad, etc.]Test Engineer at Apple: A person who tests out Apple products and make sure they meet its standards. If it doesn’t meet their standards, a test engineer would work to improve it with the help of other Design Engineers.

Lets talk money. At the beginning of his/her career, the average young engineering designer makes about 20,000-40,000 dollars a year. More experienced engineers earn around 44,000-100,000 dollars a year. It’s a pretty decent living, if I do say so myself.


Licensing The license required to work as a Design Engineer would be the Certificate for Authorization of Architectural, Engineering, or Designer of Engineering Systems Corporation for your state (Please note: Not all states have that name for its engineering license; the one above was from a website that licenses engineers in Wisconsin.

Design Engineer By definition, a design engineer is an engineer that “researches and develops new ideas and the systems that make them work”. Basically, they are creative inventors who examine the way things work and try to make them better. For example, a design engineer would be someone trying improve the iPhone 6.



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