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Design development

Both of these rooms were designed by a Scottish architect named Robert Adams. His designs inspired the "Adam Style"( both photos from

Neoclassical Interiors typically had little ornamentation. Symmetrical design was now much more popular than the Asymmetrical design. Notice the Symmetry of the room below also notice the straight lines of the chair and other furniture.

Neoclassical, Empire, Greek Revival vs. Industrial Revolution "Victorian" Designs.

In the Victorian time period the newly introduced room the parlor is where the adults did most of their entertaining and it was where the best furniture was at. Victorian rooms were heavily draped and filed with a lot of furniture and accessories.(photo from

Neoclassical Design take the name of King Louis XV1. Ruler of 18th century France. He and wife Marie Antoinette are pictured below.(photo from

Empire Interior furniture was mostly rectangular and angular in shape. Notice the furniture in this picture and the newly introduced chair the Gondola. The chair in this picture is actually the Gondola Bergere. (photo from

Greek Revival homes usually have symmetrical shape with bold simple moldings. Most have narrow windows around the doors and an entry porch with columns. As you can see in the picture below.(picture from

Victorian style homes usually have a bell tower or part of the building that is taller than the rest. Most are painted in several colors and Asymmetrical in design. (photo from


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