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People in the desert live hot and cold nights. During day time it is hot, At night it is cold.

The desert is a very hot place. It gets litle rain fall. It gets 3 to 5 inches per year. A big problem is that there is not a lot of water for the animals. Plants do not have a lot of water. To get water they have long roots so they can go deap into the ground were there is water. Animals have a hard time finding food in the desert. They have some ways to live. Like some animals store fat in there body so they can live. Others eat the plants around them. They also eat insects.

Plants Adaptations and Animals Adaptations.

People in The Desert

Deserts are a big tourisom place. People also do some sports there. Like dirt biking and rock climbing. Some familys like to also go to the desert. People like to climb the sand dunes. There is some mining in the desert to.

The sahara desert is one of the biggest deserts.

some people spend there lives in the desert.

People have camels to get around the hot desert.

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by Arthur wood


Deserts are not really found by the water. The sahara desert is one of the biggest deserts in the world. And Australia has a lot of desert. Look at map.

This map shows some deserts

A picture of the sahara desert

Amazimg deserts

In the desert there is not a lot of food or water. So animals must find ways to live. Also it is to hot so animals hide in the shade. Aanimals have homes under ground so the sun dose not take there water.

Problems in the desert


  • nbandla1 4 years ago

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    I like how you showed a map to represent the places of deserts location.

  • apatel01 4 years ago

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    I never knew that a desert only gets 3-5 inches of rain! You have some cool facts.

  • ymurad 4 years ago

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    I learned that most deserts are not found near water

  • dglueck 4 years ago

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    I would never have thought people live in the Desert.

  • icoroiu 4 years ago

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    I was suprised that people still want to go there.

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    i never new people spend there lifes in desert

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