Desert Plants of Arizona

by CyndiO
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Desert Plants of Arizona

Sonoran Desert Plants

BrittlebushThis is a small shrub with grey fuzzy leafs and yellow flowers in the spring. it is found on

BrittlebushIt is a shrub with small fuzzy gray leaves and yellow spring flowers. It is found on rocky slopes and in washes.

Prickly Pear CactusIt has broad flat pads covered with barbed hairs known as glochids. it grows in sandy soil. It has yellow flowers in May-June and bright red fruit.

Saguaro CactusThey are found only in the Sonoran Desert and live up to 200 years. It can be killed by frost, grows slowly, and needs both summerr and winter rain.

Saguaro CactusIt has white flowers in the spring that smell like melons. Flowers only last 24 hours. The bright re fruit feeds many desert animals.


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