Desert Ecosystem

by beabruce
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Desert Ecosystem

Desert Ecosystem

Some information about the abiotic factors in the desert include hot temperatures during the day, cold temperatures at night, sandy soil, and not very much rainfall.

In the desert there are many different populations including cacti, rattlesnakes, many varieties of lizards and birds, and even some insects. If you put all of these populations together, it gives you a community.

Cacti are the main types of producers found in the desert.

A coyote is the top of the food chain in the desert. It even eats snakes. It is also a carnivore.

A cactus wren is a bird that eats cactus. It is an omnivore.

Many snakes live in the desert and eat birds. This is a whipsnake. It is a carnivore.

The sun is the source of all energy in the desert.

The dung beetle is one of the main decomposers in the desert.


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