Desert Ecosystem

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Desert Ecosystem

A Desert ecosystem is is a very hot place.It can get up to120 degreese F an d at night it gets to about 50 degreese F.

Rattle Snake

Great Horned Owl

Rattle snakes have venom in there teeth so if they bite an animal the animal will die

The Great Horned Owl is really cool it can turn its head all the way around and the Great Horned Owl is nocturnal.That means it hunts at night

This picture is were the Seirra Desert is located

Kangaroo Rat

The Kangaroo Rat has kidneys so they can store water in there bodies.

These 4 animals all live in the desert and the reason they live in the desert is because they adapted so they could live in the desert.

Barrel Cactus

Barrel cactus store water in there roots so they have water when it gets really dry.


Chameleons lift there boidies of the gro.und to coll down

The sand in the seirra desert is about 40 degreese F and thats why chameleons lift there bodies of the ground.


Some cactie have fruit inside of them and thats why some animals eat cactie.

Jack Rabbit

Jack rabbits have long ears because they can put most of there heat in them.

Cactie is also a plant that stores water in its roots.


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