Desert Communities

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Desert Communities

Who are the Taureg People? The Taureg are a group of African people that live on the Sahara Desert. They have a smaller population consisiting of about 1 million. Although, thay cover 6 countries in Africa.

Women:Women have the role of processing milk, making butter, preparing animal skins, making clothes, collecting firewood and water. The water comes from the towns they pass through, wells in rural areas, and sometimes a river they passed by. Since their nomads, the Tuaregs have many different ways to gain water.

What foods do they eat:The most essential food in the Tuareg's diet is milk. The main food that they eat twice a day is a porridge made from millet or other grain, along with large quantities of fresh milk. They also make bread and cheese from goat milk. They may also eat whatever wild fruits and vegetables they can collect seasonally.

Main Source Of Income:The men help a lot when getting money. They go to other towns to sell animals. Especially camels. They also mine uranium and sell it for a bit of money.

Men:The men gather millet which they use as flour for bread making.They are often travelling because they are selling things to other towns.

The Taureg People


Housing:The Taureg' home is made out of millet stalks, formed in a circle. Usually they set up huts made of this material and live in it. Also, they may live in tents made of goat skin or palm fiber mats.


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