Desert Biome

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Desert Biome

Desert Biome ProjectBy : Maxwell Xie

DESERT FACTSToday, you will learn about the desert biome. The desert biome is one of the coolest biomes, or not so much, seeing as it can be up to 120 degrees in some deserts. Deserts are located throughout the entire world, in every continent except Antarctica, which is technically an enormous desert. In a desert, you will see many animals and plants, though more than half of those plants will be prickly old cacti. Some of the animals that live in desert biomes contain lizards, bobcats, coyotes, sheep, rabbits, wolves, tortoises, antelopes, camels and so much MORE ! And some of the desert plants contain a whole lot of cacti, trees, shrubs, and different kinds of grasses. The year round climate is one word: HOT! The only time the desert is EVER cold is during winter in some places or at night. Oh yeah, did I mention that the desert gets only about 1 inch of rain each YEAR? Well now you know. And I even included some pictures and a video for you! An interesting fact about the desert biome is that the desert covers one fifth of the entire world. Another interesting fact about the desert is that Antarctica is technically an enormous, frozen, DESERT, because it has all of the qualites needed to be a desert.


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