Desert Biome

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Desert Biome

The rainfall in the desert areas is less than 25 mm or 10 inches per year, and some years may experience no rainfall at all! But when rain does come, it may come in the thunder storm!Even though some animals and plants are equipped to deal with little rainfall, they still need water as it is a primary necessity to live; so the desert's extreme climates can have extreme effects on it's residents.

You can find deserts such as "The Sahara Desert" or the "Gobi" desert.

When you think of the desert, you think of a dry, hot, sandy, waterless wasteland. And you'd be right, but nonetheless, animals and plants do manage to thrive in this area; they have made the desert it's home.

The creosote bush is a producer and makes food for the Chuckwalla. This makes the Chuckwalla a primary consumer. The Mojave Rattlesnake is the teritary consumer because it consumes the Chuckwalla.

Desert Food Web

Right Desert Food Chain

Meerkats are also a resident of the desert and eats lizards, small rodents, and insects

The Mejave Yucca is the producer and makes food that the Jack Rabbit can eat. Coyotes and the Mojave Rattlesnake compete for the Jack Rabbit, each being third level consumers. Coyotes are devoured by Mountain Lions, a fourth level consumer.

Desert Biome

Mrs. Ramsey

7th period

The producer in the middle food chain is the shrub which provides food for the cottontail. The Mountain and the Mjojave Rattlesnake compete with each other for the cottontail, being third level consumers.

The desert seems to only accomodate small animals, rodents, and reptiles. These animals can escape the hot sun by hiding under small scrubs or burrows. Many Desert animals are nocturnal and only come out during the night where the temperature is more tolerable.

Cottontail Rabbit--Primary Consumer

Shrub- Producer

Mountain Lion-- Third Level Consumer

Jack Rabbit-- Primary Consumer

Cresote Bush- Producer

Chuckwalla- Primary Consumer

Mojave Yucca

Mojave Rattlesnake

Iguana lizards live in the desert and can tolerate temperatures up to 110 degrees

Meerkats would be a third level consumer as it eats lizards and rodents.

Iguana lizards eat producers, making them a primary consumer.


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