Desert Animals

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Desert Animals

Desert Animals

The Greater Roadrunner can be found in the deserts and sparslely grassy and wooded areas of the Southwestern United States. They can also be found in parts of Mexico. The eat insects, spiders, snakes, fruits, seeds and lizards.

The Ostrich lives in Africa. They live in the dry savannahs and desert areas of Africa. They will eat mostly plants, seeds and grasses. They can weigh from 200-250 pounds. They can reach a height of 6-9 feet.

Meerkats live in Southern Africa. They eat mostly insects and they will also feast on small rodents, scorpions, and lizards. Apparently they are immune to the venom of the scorpions. They live in complicated underground tunnel systems. They use this system for protection against predators and other meerkat mobs.

The Black Widow Spider can be found throughout the United States as well as parts of Canada and Mexico. They build their webs in secluded areas such as a woodpile, so beware. The number of eggs that are hatched will vary from less than 100 to more than 300. Most of the young don't survive because of enviornmental reasons or cannibalism.

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