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Earth Sciences

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A desert is dry land with little rainfall and few plants.

A desert is formed when rain clouds run into wind or a mountain and drop all of their rain in one area. This causes the land further away or on the other side of the mountain to be dry.


I'm a zebra tail lizard and I live in the Sonoran Desert. I wag my tail at predators so they see that I spotted them. They know I am super fast and usually leave me be!

Antartica is a desert. It only receives two inches of rain a year. Blizzards occur when wind picks up snow and whips it at 200 miles per hour.

The Mojave Desert in California was once part of an ancient sea. It was formed by volcanic activity and you can still find lava surfaces.

The Sonoran Desert can be found in California, Arizona and Mexico.The saguaro cactus that lives here can grow to be 60 feet tall!


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