Descriptive Writing

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Descriptive Writing

TipsTo have a kick-start kids, we must learn how to describe things around us first. Let's try to describe things by using the... "FIVE SENSES ADJECTIVES"

What are the Five SENSES?


Examples of Descriptive Sentences

Let's learn the 5 senses by singing the song of the video together!!

Hey kids, do you know what is a descriptive writing? Have a guess!!! What word can you found in the word "DESCRIPTIVE"?That's right!! It's the word "DESCRIBE"!!!So, a DESCRIPTIVE WRITING is to DESCRIBE SOMETHING by WRITING.

1. That little girl is very cute.2. My mother's curry is very delicious. 3. It is very noisy in the market.4. The table surface is very rough.5. That rose smells sweet.


It's time to do Exercise!!

Download and print out the document of the attachment on the upper right corner.Please complete the exercises in the document.

Descriptive Writing!!!


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