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Desanka Maksimovic by Emilija and Filip

Desanka Maksimovic is not only one of the greatest Serbian poets, but she also has big influence on people that read her poems. She has been and remained one of the largest women's poetic icons, whose lyrics are still being remembered by many generations.

Desanka Maksimović

She wrote her first published poem called 'Krvava Bajka', it was telling the story of the terror practiced by the German army in World War II. The poem wasn't published until the end of the war. It has big meaning for the entire Serbian nation!

Desanka was born on May 16, 1898 in Rabrovica, near Valjevo. She graduated from the gymnasium in Valjevo and the University of Belgrade Faculty of Philosophy.

I chose Desanka Maksimovic because she has written so many good poems, she had so many good thoughts and songs. Once you have learned them you will know them for lifetime. And my favourite one is:

She is one of the greatest Serbian children’s writer. In her poems and fairy-tales she wrote about her childhood and life in the village, and also about nature,birds, dwarves, butterflies…

Desanka Maksimović was a poet, a storyteller, a novelist, a children’s writer and she also translated poetry from Russian, Slovenian, Bulgarian and French. She published about 50 books. Her first poems were published in 1920 in the magazine ˝Misao" ( "Thought").

Some of her famous poems are ˝Buđenje proleća˝ (Awakeninig of Spring), ˝Mali jahač˝ (Little Rider), ˝U gostima˝ (Being a Guest), ˝Jutarnja pesma pčela˝ (Morning Song of Bees), ˝Šumska ljuljaška˝ (Forest Swing), ˝Livadsko zvonce˝ (Meadow Bell)…..

Some of her famous fairy-tales are ˝Bajka o labudu˝ (Fairy-tale about Swon), ˝Kći vilinog konjica˝ (Daughter of a Dragonfly), ˝Medvedova ženidba˝ (Bear’s Wedding), ˝ Vetar dadilja˝ (Nanny Wind), ˝Patuljkova tajna˝ (Dwarf’s Secret), ˝Priča o raku krojaču˝ (Story about Crayfish Tailor)…

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