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Derrick Henry

1) he claimed Heisman Trophy2) Selcted as the Walter Camp player of the year3) He was selected as th SEC Offensive Player of the year4) Maxwell Award Winner5)

Derrick Henry was born July 17, 1994 in Yulee, FL. He plays football for the team Alabama. 1) He is 6′ 3″, he weighs 238 lbs, he went to University of Alabama, his parents were Derrick Henry Sr. & Stacey Veal he got an award called the Heisman Trophy. 1) In his first season as the team’s full-time starter at Alabama Derrick Henry claimed the Crimson Tide’s second Heisman Trophy. 2)Maxwell Award winner & selected as the Walter Camp Player of the Year. 3)He was selected as the SEC Offensive Player of the Year. 4) He holds the high school football record for career rushing yards. 5)On December 5, 2015 he broke Herschel Walker's single season rushing yards record in the SEC in two more games but about 40 fewer carries than Walker.

Derrick Henry





1) he said he would dedicate his hard work and skills.2) always try his best to win for the team.3) make the coach proud 4) dedicate their winnings to the fans5) He would never let anyone underestimate his power and love for football

1. A goal is scored whenever the ball is forced through the goal and under the bar, except it be thrown by hand.2. Hands may be used only to stop a ball and place it on the ground before the feet.3. Kicks must be aimed only at the ball.4. A player may not kick the ball whilst in the air.5. No tripping up or heel kicking allowed.6. Whenever a ball is kicked beyond the side flags, it must be returned by the player who kicked it, from the spot it passed the flag line, in a straight line towards the middle of the ground.7. When a ball is kicked behind the line of goal, it shall be kicked off from that line by one of the side whose goal it is.8. No player may stand within six paces of the kicker when he is kicking off.9. A player is ‘out of play’ immediately he is in front of the ball and must return behind the ball as soon as possible. If the ball is kicked by his own side past a player, he may not touch or kick it, or advance, until one of the other side has first kicked it, or one of his own side has been able to kick it on a level with, or in front of him.10. No charging allowed when a player is ‘out of play’; that is, immediately the ball is behind him.


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