Dermody Imperalism

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Social Studies

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Dermody Imperalism


This is caused by the need for raw materials, nationalism, the balance of power, and the feeling obligation to civilize those who didn't fit in society currently (White Man's Burden).

Imperalism is when a stronger country conquers a weaker one and controls the economic, political, and cultural aspects.

The Panama Canal- The canal was built in 1904 to allow ships passage from the Altantic to Pacific Ocean. It saves ships 8,000 miles on trips. This canal helps bring more goods and money (made on tolls for passing through the canal) to the US.

American Samoa (1899)-Some Somoan islands were annexed to the US (some annexed to Germany) under the Treaty of Berlin. Originally, the American Samoa was used as a coaling station for the Navy, although now it's home to canneries that help the economy.

Wake Island (1899)- The US annexed Wake Island because they wanted it as an Air Force and Navy base. Although at one point it was taken by Japan, the US later took this island back from the Japanese.

The Open Door Policy (1899)- US announced a policy that said China should be allowed to trade with any country they want. This policy was announced without making sure the Chinese agreed. It helped the US make money (trade).

Spanish-American War (1898)-An easy victory over Spain gained the US the islands of Cuba, Puerto Rico, the Philippines Islands, Guam as ship ports.

1893/1898-Certain US officials planned to overthrow the Hawaiian Kingdom and make it part of the US. After doing so, Hawaii became an American miltary base used in the Spanish-American War.


Bigger countries picking on littler countries.

Americans (Uncle Sam) claiming small islands in Spanish possession during the Spanish-American War.

The military base runway on Wake Island.

Panama Canal being built.



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