Dermody Imperalism Continued

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American History

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Dermody Imperalism Continued

Spanish-American War Cause(s)- The US wanted to aid Cuba in its fight for independence against Spain. Another reason is that the US wanted to expand and in freeing Cuba from Spanish rule, the US had a reason to attack and occupy other places under Spanish rule.

Yellow Journalism- Media (Newspapers during the time of the Spanish-American War) that give no true information/exaggerate true information and try to sway reader's opinions. Examples of this are Pulitzer and Hearst before the Spanish-American War. They helped the US public become enraged at the unfairness in Cuba.

Open Door Policy (China)- A policy the US announced without Chinese approval that said China is free to trade with whatever country they want.

Spheres of Influence (China)- Spheres of Influence were set up all over China. In each Sphere of Influence, only a certain nation had trading rights. These were elimnated when the US announced the Open Door policy.

Monroe Doctrine- The Monroe Doctrine issued by President Monroe told European nations that only the US could be involved in the political matters of Central/South American countries. This was because these Central/South American countries had just gained freedom from European colonization and the US supported their new form of government.


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