Derivational Relations

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Derivational Relations

Derivational Relations Stage

Chapter Review



Students at the Derivational Relations stage are found from upper elementary all the way into adulthood. At this level students tent to make spelling errors that are at the high level, requiring a more advanced foundation of spelling and vocabulary. At this stage it is important for a student to explore and learn the Greek and Latin word elements.

- A prefix is a selection of letters that are placed at the front of a root word. - A suffix is a selection of letters that are placed at the end of a root word.

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Activity: Words That Grow from Base Words and Word Roots-Students will start with a drawing of a tree, and will choose a base word or root word to start with.-The students will write the root word at the bottom of the tree. They will then think of as many forms as possible for the root word.-They will write these forms as individual branches of the tree. -Display the tree in the classroom for several days in order for the students think of, find, and record more derived word.

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