Derivational Relations Stage

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Derivational Relations Stage

~Early/Middle- Students have typically mastered syllable juncture conventions like frequent suffix -ion still working on prefixies like permission commonly PURmission.~Late- Most students don't become late devrivational until middle and high school. Will have mastered most academic words when first encountering them. Suffixes like -able/-ible and -ance/-ence still may trip them up. It is truly a never ending journey. This can also help ESOL students show them a lati root like port in Spanish importar and exportar which means the same thing as export and import. Word studies should take place all day long, teachers should look for opportunties in their lessons to teach these words.

Sequence & Pacing

About Derivation

Devrivation means to process a word from its root or base and added prefixes and suffixes. This skill is found in upper elementary school, middle, and high school. About 60-70% of generative words are a combination of roots, prefixes, and suffixes (90% of science and tech words). Teach students Greek and Latin root meanings and suffixe and prefixe meanings will increase their chances of discover meanings of words on their own.

Chap. 8

Derivational Relations Stage

Consonant Alternation

Teahers have focued more on word-specific instead of generative here are some activities to increase generative insrtuction:~Word Sorts~Concept Sorts~Dictionaries- can be put to a lot of use like pronuciation guide, multiple definitations, and parts of speech.~Word Orgins ~Rountines- like word study notebook"Word-specific instruction gives our students the fish; generative insrtuction teaches them how to fish"

prevent changes to prevention/t/ now has the /sh/ soundcompress changes to compression/s/ now has /sh/ sound

Vowel Alternation

revise changes to revisionthe long i in revise becomea a short i in the derived revision


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