Mental Health and Academic Problems in Adolescence.

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Mental Health and Academic Problems in Adolescence.

Mental Health and Academic Problems in Adolescence

Does depression have an effect on adolescences' academically?

The Results:The kids who struggled a little in school had depression symptoms. The kids who didn't struggle did not have as much depression behavior as the other kids. Also fewer females and minority adolescents than the male and non-minority.

Background:-History of failure or devolopment may result in sustained emotiona, behavioral, academic, and social distress.-In adolescence, depression is associated with future depressive episodes, enxiety, substance abuse, suicide, and personal difficulties. -The failure to meet certain demands, and academics, social, and behavioral difficulties that emerge, can limit children's ability to successfully navigate future developmental challenges including despression.

The Study:The Participants: Data was drawn from a community sample of youth living in an urban area. 6-9th graders throughout nine schools.The Measure: They would report the childs depression symptom, and their academic achievement and was based on their standardized achievement test scores. Then the test scores were reported by peers. Adolescents, parents, and teachers completed the measures annually and academic difficulties, and counseling were recorded if depression was ever reported at any time.

Strengths in article:The article did a great job not only explaining depression, but lots of other dark things that happen in a kids life. It did a good job exploring the kids that did well in school and not with depression.

How to make better:-The article only went to four schools. It would have been neat to see if they did research on more. -I would have liked to see if there would be a difference in grades when students who were fist diagnosed with depression then went to counseling. I would liked to see the beginning and end results, to see if counseling would make a difference academically.

Implication:I think this article shows that depression can result bad acedemically. I think as teachers we neednot only need to be teachers, but get to know all of our students and make sure everyone is willing to achieve high goals in your classroom. Depression leads to a lot of serious things and if we as teachers can stop it, then we can get many students to achieve greater things and conquer that dark side.

By:Ashley Bunting

By:Ashley Bunting

Carmen R. Valdez. Sharon F. Lambert. Nicholas S. Ialongo. (2011)Mental Health and Academic Problems in Adolescense



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