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What is depression? The term depression is sometimes used to describe feelings of sadness. Depression is also the name for a group of illnesses, which affects the way someone feels and is characterised by a persistent lowering of mood

Symptoms of Depression:Depressed mood, most of the day or every dayMarkedly diminished interest in all or almost all activitiesSignificant weight loss or gain or appetite disturbanceInsomnia or excessive sleepingPsychomotor agitation or retardation (restlessness)Low energy level or chronic tirednessFeelings of inadequacy, loss of self-esteem, and/or self-deprecationDecreased attention, concentration, or ability to think clearlyRecurrent thoughts of death or suicide, an expressed desire to be dead

How is depression caused?Deppression can be caused in many ways. One of the most common one is when a close family member dies suddenly and people can't adjust to it. A death of a family member is harsh.You can also get depressed if you are left out of things or can't get any friends to motivate you.Lastly, depression can be lead from bullying at school where nothing has been said.

For more info on depression go to the following websites:

If Depressed!Stop Here!

How can you get help for depression?You can get help from family members or friends but if they are the ones causing your depression than obviously you don't ask them.You can go on to many sites online that will help you through depression.Here is one site that may help:


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