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What causes depression?WordNet states that depression is a mental state characterized by a pessimistic sense of inadequacy and a despondent lack of activity.It can also be (and I quote by reach out Australia) that depression can be caused by'-Genetics or a history of depression within your family. -Biochemical: In normal brain functioning, neurotransmitters (which regulate mood) jump from one nerve cell to the next, with the signal being as strong in the second and subsequent cells as it was in the first. For people who have depression, the mood regulating neurotransmitters fail to function normally, meaning that the signal is either depleted or disrupted before passing on to the next nerve cell, thus resulting in a lowering of your mood. -In non-melancholic depression, it's likely that the transmission of serotonin (which improves mood) is reduced or less active, whereas in people with melancholic and psychotic depression, the neurotransmitters noradrenaline and dopamine are more likely to have failed or be functioning abnormally. -A stressful event or chain of events such as a family break-up, abuse, ongoing bullying at school, rape, a death, a relationship break up, family conflict. -Personality style: Certain personality types are more at risk of depression than others. This includes people who tend to be anxious, have low self-esteem, are perfectionists or are shy.-Having a baby (called post-natal depression). -Other mental illnesses such as schizophrenia.'

What is Mental Illness?Miller. G states that mental illness is any disease of the mind; the psychological state of someone who has emotional or behavioral problems serious enough to require psychiatric intervention

Mental Illness:Depression

Depression can be given the boot by:-Eating bananas: food with potassium, such as bananas, encourage feelings of wellbeing and cheerfulness.-Do what you like: take a day of work or even if you don't, get out for a day and do what you've always wanted to do. This will boost your self confedience as you won't feel like there is a guy with a gun at your back telling you what to do.-Complete personal goals: just like interactive lifestyle games where you create people and create their lifes, you have goals too. If you have always wanted to go rockclimbing or bungijumping, once you complete even small goals like cleaning the basment you will feel satisfaction for a job well done.

There are many ways to cope, even though you may be thinking that life is too hard and that you can't cope. STOP! Negative thoughts just make things worse, forcus on the positive sides about life. Like when you got your first tooth, or first girlfriend or boyfriend. Many people try suicide. Don't. Suicide is just a chicken way out. Seek help.



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