Depression and Suicidal Thoughts

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Depression and Suicidal Thoughts

Depression and Suicidal Thoughts

Excersize or do yogaAvoid drugs and alcoholTalk to someone you trustBe socialRemember your personal goalsDo things that make you happyAvoid triggersJournal and write about how you feelMake a list of people who support you

Talking about wanting to dieLoss of interest in favorite activitiesDisplaying extreme mood swingsTalking about being a burden to othersSleeping too little or too muchTalking about feeling hopelessWithdrawn or feeling isolatedActing anxious or agitatedGiving prized possesions away

24/7 Crisis Support(775) - 784 - 8090National Suicide Prevention1 (800) - 273 - 8255Lifeline Crisis Chatwww. suicidepreventionlifeline.orgI'm

Warning Signs

Hotline & Crisis Numbers and websites

How to deal with suicidal thoughts

Mecklenburg County Crisis(704) - 566 - 3410Alexander Youth Network(704) - 377 - 0602


Local Agencies

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  • llauriemtarnowski5f878ca37a97a 9 months ago

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    Sometimes these thoughts are really intrusive. The main thing is to have close people nearby who will help get it out of head.

  • 5fa84802a30915fa84802bdaf5 9 months ago

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    It's good if it's easy to do. But sometimes, it's difficult to get rid of such thoughts. Thoughts about death tormented me almost from childhood and became especially acute after the death of my father. I was 16 since that time it's spinning in my head all the time. When I started using online therapy, I noticed a positive change in my thoughts for the first time in years. I used this source, and I got the hope of overcoming a thought about death, which, as it seemed to me, is with me forever.