Depression and Schizophrenia

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Depression and Schizophrenia

Three sample groups, schizophrenia, depression and a control (healthy) were evaluated by 10 self-report negative symptom scales and scores analyzed by principal component analysis. These were then integrated to a model incorporating T1-weighted MRI-derived estimates of the participants’ volumes of grey and white matter of the bilateral cerebellum.

Negative symptoms are often exhibited by sufferers of schizophrenia and depression. Negative symptoms exhibited can include many different combinations, including anhedonia, alogia and withdrawal. Currently these symptoms are plagued with less-than perfect treatments and the underlying mechanisms are not yet fully known. In this article, neuroanatomical correlates are sought to explain select negative symptoms. Due to inconsistent evidence from the past, the researchers could not form an a priori hypothesis.

Despite the “negative symptoms” umbrella classification, the findings of this study support that these similar symptoms may be due to different brain “structural signatures”. By pinpointing the specific causal structure in the future, these disorders may be better understood, and more effectively targeted treatment strategies can be developed.

An inverse relationship was seen in schizophrenia patients’ symptom self-rating and the volume of left anterior limb of internal capsule/anterior thalamic radiation white matter, and was also positively correlated with the white matter volume in the left superior longitudinal fasiculus. With participants suffering from major depressive disorder, their negative symptoms correlated with other structural differences. Bilateral cerebellum grey matter volume was inversely correlated to scale ratings however these ratings were mostly clinician-rated. Differences for the controls were not significant.


Brain Structual Signatures of Negative Symptoms in Depression and Schzophrenia

Negative Symptoms

Major Depressive Disorder

White Matter

PET scan of patient with MDD

Colour-coded white matter fibres of brain - from Human Connectome Project

Structural Signature


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