[2015] MaryAngela (PN2 Pediatrics 10/15): Depression

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[2015] MaryAngela (PN2 Pediatrics 10/15): Depression

-anergia-anhedonia-anxiety-slugishness or feeling unable to relax and sit still-vegetative findings~change in eating patterns, bowel habits, sleep disturbances, decrease sexual activity-somatic findings~fatigue, pain, gastrointestestinal changes

Subjective Data

Depressiona mood disorder characterized by exaggerated feelings of sadness, melancholy, emptiness, worthlessness, frustration and suicidal idealism

-it is more than a state of mind-it is an illness that affects 1 in 10 people every year-it is found in all races, ethnic groups, age groups, socioeconimic levels-two times more commonly affected in females between 15-40 than in males-can be so severe at times that the affected may contemplate or attempt suicide

-most often looks sad with blunted affect-exhibits poor grooming and lack of hygiene-psychomotor retardation(slow movement, slumped posture) most common but-psychomotor agitation(restlessness, pacing, finger tapping) can also occur-socially isolated, little or no effort to interact-slow speech, decrease verbalization, delayed response

Objective Data


-family history and personal history-neurotransmitter deficiencies(serotonin and norepinephrine)-stressful life events-presence of a medical illness-female in post partum period-poor social support network-comorbid substance use disorder-being un married-seasons

-antidepressant drug therapy-individual/family or group psychotherapy-electroconvulsive therapy used when drug therapy is ineffective or is contraindicated

Risk Factors


-develop a kind, therapeutic relationship-display compassion, patience and understanding-encourage expression of negative feelings and discuss alternative ways to respond to stress-avoid competative activities -small group activities will help build self-esteem-encourage well balanced nutritional meals-teach benefits of drug therapy-seek help immediately with any thoughts of suicide-avoid alcohol

Nursing Interventions


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