Denver, Colorado

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Denver, Colorado

Annual events like the Colorado state fair entice tourists to come and visit Denver. The Renissance, Shakespeare, and Greek festivals are also big tourist attractions, along with the Chalk Art festival The annual beer fest and the Great American Beer Festival also bring lots of tourists into Denver.

Denver is well known food-wise for Green Chili and the Denver Omelet. The omlet is filled simply with diced ham, onions, and green bell peppers.

Denver, Colorado has a wide variety of professional sports teams including the:Denver Broncos (NFL)Colorado Rockies (MLB)Colorado Avalanche (NHL)Denver Nuggets(NBA)Colorado Rapids (MLS) For fans, tourists, and natives all to enjoy.

Before Denver, Colorado became a city, it was inhabited by those looking for gold in the base Rocky Mountains. Eventually General William H. Larimer laid out a city and named it after Kansas Territorial governor James Denver in hopes of gaining political favor. The city sooon expanded to include other small neighboring towns and was established as Denver.

Denver, ColoradoThe Mile High City

In Denver, July is usually the warmest month and January is usually the coolest. Rainfall tends to be highest in May. Denver has pretty mild temperatures overall, witht the average temperature in July being 88 degrees and the average temperature in January being 47 degrees.

Denver, Colorado is located at 39°43'35" North, 104°57'56" West. The southern rocky mountains lie tot the west of the city and the High Plains lie to the east. The city has a total area of 154.9 miles squared. The mointains help to shield Denver from harsh winter weather.


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