Denver, Co Metro Project

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Denver, Co Metro Project

Denver, A Tale of Two Cities

*Expansion after WWII*When crude oil prices plunged in the mid-80's, Denver's economy quickly tanked - foreclosures spread & unemployment spiked*1983-Mayor Frederico Pena convinced Denverites to reinvest billions in the city - international airport, Colorado Convention Center, baseball stadium, school funding*At the end of the 80's, Denver's economy started to grow - urban sprawl became a concern

* Demographics: 2 major shifts since 1990: migration of urban population to surrounding counties & increase of non-white population in greater metro area*Diversification of the economy* Poverty: The number and percentage of the population living in poverty increased in every county in Metro Denver from 1990 through 2012* Housing: Current high housing costs in central Denver push the poor into areas with difficult access to good paying jobs

Changes Over Time

*Keyes vs Denver Public Schools (1973) & the Poundstone Amendment (1974)*Segregation: the educational costs of attending segregated inner city schools*Hispanics are the fastest growing population but have the lowest average level of education, with 32.2 percent having less than a HS diploma*One of the fastest growing urban school districts in the country

* By 1950 middle-class families were moving away from downtown to the suburbs *I-25 is a dividing line between Denver's White and Hispanic populations*1/3 of new residents are hispanic*Gentrification of downtown *Racial & ethnic diversity is increasing faster in suburbs *No true black neighborhoods

Implications for Schools


Segregation: Metro v Suburbs

*Middle skill jobs & living wages*Housing & Housing Costs*Workforce Access/Transportation*Added 1/2 a million people in 12 yrs*Denver's downtown population has boomed, increasing 142 percent since 2000 *The federal poverty rate is $24,000 per year for a family of 4 & $12,000 for a family of 2*Percentage of people living in poverty has increased in every county

City's Development



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