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I choose to do my presiontation on a dentist. I choose a dentist because I dont know anything about them. A dentist feilds of study is in oral medicine. A dentist must have a bachelor's degree prior to admission to dental school.


Dentist use tools such as:* Mirror* Probes* Dental laser* Burs* Chisles* Burnishers

Does anyone have any questions?You can find out more information by going to any dentist office.I found my information from the internet.

Contributions and discoveries made by a dentist are restoring teeth, and tooth transplantation. The patents of a dentist are intellectual property rights (IPR). If we never had any dentist most people wouldnt have heathy teeth, or stight teeth.

First dental tools

By: Taylor Cepek

Some positive characteristics that dentist have are like giving people clean teeth, and heathy teeth. And they also show people how to take care of their teeth on their own.

first dentist, Horace Hayden and Chapin Harris

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