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Dental Office

Dental Office



Dentist clinics usually get paid by fee for service but some may charge per visit or per covered member basis. Here are the major sources of patient care revenue:1) Public programs: Medicaid, SCHIP, and public and private nonprofit program contracts2)Private pay: full pay, sliding fee scale or other reduced-fee arrangements, and minimum3) Commercial insurance: indemnity and managed care

General Dentistry- Hold most common Dental services such as Oral Exams which should be done every six months- Cleaning - Crowns- Fillings - Digital X-raysSpecialty Dentisty- Deals with advanced dental services- Oral surgery - Dentures- Braces - Root canal- Treatment of Gum Disease

Bright Smiles Family Dentistry (Garner, Brier Creek)Village Dental (North Raleigh)Renaissance DentaL Center (North hills, Raleigh)

- Orthodonist - Oral Surgeon- Dental Assistant - Treatment Counselor- Office Manager - Hygenist- Patient Care Coordinator Some offices look for Bilingual applicants. Many of the jobs have traveling alternatives.

Dental Agencies

Cosmetic Dental- Has services designed around making the teeth look really good- Teeth Whitening - Bonding- Veneers

Profesional Jobs

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