Dental History

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Dental History

Evolution of Dental Technology







. This engraved device is an early example of a clockwork drill; it was the first drill that could rotate continuously to remove damage from a tooth, though after being wound it only ran for about two minutes.

This unusual six-inch-long drill was attached to a thimble that held it in place while the spindle was rotated by the dentist’s finger at a rate much slower than other dental drills of the era.

DIAGNOdent is a device dentists use to find even small amounts of tooth decay at the earliest stages using laser dentistry. The dentist uses a dental laser to scan zones where tooth decay is most likely to evade detection.

You may recognize this tool from the particular shape and function. Much like the Dental Pelican, this tool was used for extracting the affected tooth from the patient’s mouth. The Dental forceps use hinge technology to clamp on the tooth and pull it out.

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Dental mouth gags are used to keep patients’ mouths open during procedures. This 16th century gag uses wing nuts to open and close the handles and lock them in place.

This metal dental tool is called the “Dental Pelican” because it resembles a pelican’s beak. This tool was used to pull the diseased tooth out of the victim’s mouth.

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