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dental health

Dental Health

IssuesOral health is not only important to your appearance and sense of well-being, but also to your overall health. Cavities and gum disease may contribute to many serious conditions, such as diabetes and respiratory diseases. Untreated cavities can also be painful and lead to serious infections. Studies are also currently examining whether there is a link between poor oral health and heart disease and between poor oral health and women delivering pre-term, low birth rate (PLBW) babies.

DID YOU KNOW?! Dentistry is a branch in medicine that specialises in the health of the mouth or oral cavities and teeth. The practice uses science in the research of newer methods of treatment, production of equipment and diagnosis, to name a few.


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To maintain good oral health, you should take the following steps:Brush and floss your teeth daily. Using an antimicrobial mouth rinse as well can help to reduce the bacteria in your mouth.Visit your dental professional regularly to have your mouth examined. See your dental professional immediately if you notice any problems.Eat a healthy diet according to Eating Well with Canada's Food Guide.Do not smoke. If you do smoke, make sure to visit your dental professional regularly.If you are pregnant, be sure to eat healthy foods and maintain good oral health.Brush your children's teeth for them, until they are able to write (not print) their own name. They should then be able to brush their own teeth with your guidance.

The Office of the Chief Dental Officer (OCDO) is the focal point within Health Canada for oral health issues. The mandate of the office is to increase awareness of good oral habits and to improve the oral health of Canadians. As there is a link between oral health and general health, an improvement in oral health may lead to an improvement in overall general health.

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