Dental Development

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Dental Development

InitiationDefinition: First Stage of odontogenesis which involves the physiologic process of inductionDisturbances: Anodontia and Supernumery teethClinical Significance: -Disruption of occlusion and esthetic complication that are treated by prosthetis replacement with partial or full dentures, bridges, and/or implants. -Crowding, failure of eruption, and disruption of occlusion

Odontogenesis- the proess of tooth developmentDental professionals must have a clear understanding of the stages of odontogenesis, and the physiologic basis of each stage. Developmental disturbances can occur withing each stage of odontogenesis, effecting the physiologic processes taking place.

Tooth Development

BudDefinition: Second stage of odontogenesis characterized by rounded, localized growth of epithelium surrounded by proliferating mesenchymal cells.Disturbances: Microdontia or MacrodontiaClinical Significance:-Esthetic and spacing complications that are treated with full restorative crown on microdontic tooth and/or possibly extraction

AppositionDefinition: The fifth stage of odontogenesis. Also known as the secretory stage which the enamel dentin, and cementum are secreted in successive layers.Disturbances: Enamel dysplasia, amelogenesis imperfectaClinical Significance: -Esthetic and function complications

MaturationDefinition: The final stage of odontogenesis which if when the matrices of the hard dental tissue types fully mineralize to their correct levels. Disturbances: Concrescence Clinical Significance: -Extraction or endodontic complications -Confused as calculus deposit on root and may prevent effective homecare

CapDefinition: Third stage of odontogenesis characterized by a shallow invagination on the deep surface of the bud. At the end of the cap stage, the tooth germ will together.Disturbances: Dens in dente, Gemination, Fusion, or TubercleClinical Significance:-Deep lingual pit that may need endodontic therapy-Esthetic and spacing -Esthetic and spacing -Occlusal complications

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BellDefinition: Fourth stage of odontogenesis characterized by continuation of the ongoing processes of proliferation, differentiation, and morphogensis. Due to the uneven growth of the enamel organ, it acquires a bell shape.Disturbances: Hutchinson's incisor, Mulberry molarsClinical Significance: -Esthetic complication, be be extracted or replaced by crown, implant, or bridges.


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