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Dental Assistant

Top Characterisitics:1. A love of assisting 2. Compassion and empathy3. A desire to serve others4. Honest communcation 5. Integrity6. A good chairside manner

Characteristics Dental Assistants Should Have

We love our job!

Following the dress code at work!

Dress code 101:-Clean shoes-Hair pulled back or up and out of the face-Minimal jewelry-Fingernails clean and short-Good hygiene-Clean and presentable uniform

Each member of the dental team directly affects the success of the practice through his or her actions. The way team members communicate, the way they deliver a quality experience for the patient, and the way they discuss treatment fees conveys the an image for practice. Each team member has the ability to make the practice more productive, more cost effective, and, ultimately, more profitable. Practice profitability should be as important to your team as it is to you. The more successful the practice, the greater the team's earnings potential.

The dental assistant works as the dentist's right-hand woman. She must have complete knowledge of the instruments the dentist is using. The dental assistant must also be able to multitask and must demonstrate good manual dexterity, as she will more than likely be using a suction hose to keep the patient's mouth dry while handing the dentist various instruments.Read more :

It is important to be empathetic to patients needs and concerns, and to work with them to achieve optimal comfort and satisfaction.

Teamwork is the key in our field!


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