Density & Buoyancy

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Density & Buoyancy

Density & Bouyancy

Definitions Bouyancy- The force that keeps you afloat is called bouyancy Density- the comparison of how much matter there is in a certain amount of space.


Other information on density

Density is a comparison of how much matter there is in a certain space, matter is made up of molecules and atoms.

A key unit for density is g/cm3. Formula for solids is D = m/v = g/cm3 Formula for liquids is m/v = g/mLAlways write down the formula for density.

Buoyancy is the ability of an object to float. For the object to float it is determined by the bouyant force.


There is a upward force in all fluids. Fluid pressure is strongest at the bottem of the box, causing a net upward force - the bouyant force.

Discovered by Archimedes

Fluid Pressure

Sink or Float?

Depends on two forces bouyancy and gravity.Gravity > BF = sink Gravity < BF = Float Gravity = BF = Neutral

To Measure BF.

Place object in water, look to see how much water displaces. Weigh the displaced waterBF= weight of displaced water Units of force= Newton (N)


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