Dennis Wilson

by LStegall
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Social Studies

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Dennis Wilson

Dennis Wilson

Dennis Wilson was addicted to alcohol which is a depressant.

On December 28, 1983 in California. He died. He was in the marina and had been drinking all day. He dove into the cold water to retrieve stuff from the bottom. On his third attempt, he did not surface. He was found later that night in the marina.

He was born on December 4, 1941. He was the drummer and helped start the Beach Boys. He was known as the true beach boy of the group. However, he struggled with addiction throughout his life. He was badly addicted to alcochol and use cocaine from time to time. He kept falling out of rehab programs. The band even considered kicking him out because he kept falling out of rehab. His life ended on December 28, 1983

Alcohol makes you depressed. The biggest thing it does is it messes with your brian. It slows your reflexes down and allows you to make poor judgements. If you drink too much, you can die from alcohol posioning.



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