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Social Studies

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This is the Stoget shopping mall the longest shopping street in europe. And denmarks brightest sites to see.

Fast Facts - ..Did you know that Denmark has 406 islands


This is the Amalienborg castle in copenhagen. This is the winter residence of denmark royalty.. another cool thing about this catle you can see the changing of the guards.

This is the oresund bridge it popular for connecting sweeden and denmark together. it is 10miles long. it carries 60,000 trains and cars daily.

This picure is of the original lego land in Billund. It opened up in 1968. Every thing there is made of legos.

This site is call the Tivoli.this site popular because its fun for the whole family, there are parks for kids rollecoasters for teen and adults.

This is one of the most popular sites to see in Denmark the krong borg catle.This is because of ''Elsinore'' in shakspears Halmet. they started building the catle in 1574 and ended around the 17th century

This is Aaruha. one of Denmarks more historic site to see when your in denmark. it was built in the 1930s. some shops are still sell food their

This is the Bornhold island it is a danish island in the baltic sea. there are wonderful beaches bike trail and some architual building from the 1800s still there.

this is Bakken the worlds oldest amusment is 426 years old and is still running today.www. top attractions

this is the round tower in denmark.the 17th century tower is the oldest funcuning site in Europe.


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