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Last week a black woman was murdered at the beach. Victim's fiancé is being suspected by the police. Crime scene was closed due to detective investigations. But unfortunately no finger prints were found. It is expected to execute the murderer with 56 years of jail when found.

Murder At The Beach

Elections In Turkey

The elections time in Turkey is near. A competition is taking place between parties to be the ruler party. Advertisements and speeches are being given across the country by the parties. Folk cannot decide which party to vote.

The lottery was won by a veteran last weekend. The veteran says: "I can live with my own earnings. I don't need this money." He donated %95 of the lottery to the National Association Of Senior Veterans (NASV)

Winning The "Hearts"

Sales in Istanbul has reached it's biggest point in the Turkish History. The expert says that you should immediately go and buy some furniture until the prices go up again. The people of Istanbul are happy about this situation. It is expected that these discounts will last long until the 13th of Febuary 2014.

Sales In Istanbul



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