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Denis Diderot



Born Oct 5 1713 in Langer, France Died july 31, 1784 in Paris, FranceFrensh philosipher art critic and writer Attended university of Paris and was awarded a masters art degreeMost known as the force behind the Encyclopedi.

He studied history and developed a great fear that knowledge would continue to be destroyed by the Christians, who had a one-thousand year's history of destroying libraries, burning books, ripping paintings, smashing marbles, and torturing anyone who voiced an unorthodox thought. To prevent it from happening in the future he produced the Encyclopedie, a history of what was known, and then distributed it world wide. He wrote almost a thousand of its articles, over a 20 year period. The rest were submitted by the scholars of the world including our own Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Rush. It took 35 volumes and a lot of commotion to get it all together

Lasting Impact

Denis Diderot should always be remembered as one of the great philosophers of the Age of Reason. The Encyclopedia was intended not to only inform about things that no one knew existed, but to provide the knowledge necessary to change those things. He always expressed support for social, and political reforms. He was not afraid to show his disagreement with the church. The Age of Reason was characterized for liberalism and also for ideas concerning God, reason, nature, and humankind. Diderot was vigorously involved in all these matters. Through the Encyclopedia he intended to provide the rational individual with knowledge and introduced them to a new way of think it. Diderot ushered in Europe’s modern era by presenting scattered knowledge of divine rights, reasoning, and toleration. This magnificent work that Diderot helped create resulted to be extremely influential. It inspired the French Revolution and the American Revolution.


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Important life Event

His life


Denis Diderot was born at Langres, the son of a successful cutler. He was first educated by the Jesuits (1728-32). During this period he devoured books of all kinds – his favorites were such classics as Horace and Homer. In 1732 Diderot received the master of arts degree from the University of Paris. His father expected him to study medicine or law, but Diderot spent his time with books and women. Diderot then worked for the attorney Clément de Ris (1732-34), and as a tutor, freelance writer, and bookseller's hack (1733-44). After ten years, Diderot married in 1743 Anne Toinette Champion. To support his own family, he began to translate texts from English to France. As the years went by, however, their marriage turned sour. And ended up divorcing. Diderot found also a new love, Madeleine de Puisieux. She was a writer, whose best work, Les caractères (1750-51), appeared during their affair. With Sophie Volland Diderot had a liaison from about 1755 until her death in 1784. Diderot's letters to her belong to the important sources of his personal life and reveal ways of thinking in that era.

Denis Diderot

Why it's important

Without Diderot's work then we wouldn't have gotten to where we are now. The Encyclopedia is basically like the media we use these days, it has everything. With media we can communicate from different parts of the world we can try to solve problems that are out there and get to know what's out there. Diderot is also very inspiering because he wasn't afraid to share his thoughts that could lead his life to danger.


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