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~pupils widen~abnormal changes to voice~abuse to alcohol or drugs~craving for raw meat or blood~strong desire to hurt yourself~change in hygiene~changes in normal routine~un-natural changes to features and body language~extremely quiet~sudden gain or loss of weight~cursing and out of character~become violent and attempt to hurt animals~severe nightmares or terrors~suffers from blackouts



Impact on Society

Demons play a role in everyday life in things such as movies, books, t.v shows, ouija boards etc. The more you hear, see or read about these things the more it makes you want to practice spiritulism. Also, the more you hear and see them the more you belive in them. Satan influenced people to make a church of satan. The founder of the Church of Satan, Anton LaVey, is also the author of the Satanic Bilble. It was banned in Canada for unknown reasons

The first demon was created by Lucifer. When God banned Lucifer from heaven, he took a human women, named Lilith, and possessed her which made her the first demon. Lilith then became The Mother Of Demons. No demon has actually seen Lucifer because, all demons were once originally human. All Demons seek to torment human's with their dark and wicked ways. They whisper evil thoughts in a person's mind to encourage them to do wrong. They wonder the earth and torture others with their grotesque appearence. Posses people to hurt others, or themselves. Christians can't be possessed because they have the Holy Spirit in them. Demons can not be in the same place as the Holy Spirit.



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