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Scientific Biographies

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Democritus's birth is said to be around 460 BC in Abdera. He was born into a wealthy family. After learning of his father's death, Democritus traveled in search of experience and wisdom. He traveled to Babylon, Egypt, Ethopia, and possibly to India all while using his inheritance. Democritus was known to not care about material goods but instead focus all his time and effort into his studies. After studying from Leucippus and his atomic theory, he adopted it and created it into his own. Many credit him as the greatest pre-Socratic philosopher. Democritus lived to be about 90 years old and died in the year 370 BC.

Theory of Atomic mass

Democritus was an ancient greek philospherHe studied natural philosphy in Thrace, Athens, and Abdera, Greece.His mentor, Leucippus, originally had come up with the atomic theory, but Democritus later adopted it.He was critized by many, including Aristotle, becuase he did not explain his initial reason for the cause of atom.He published over 70 books.

-All matter consists of invisible particles called atoms.-Atoms are homogenous-Atoms are solid but invisible-Atoms are indestructible-Atoms differ in size, shape, mass, position, and arrangement. Ex. Solids are made of small, pointy atoms. Liquids are made of large round atoms Oils are made of very fine, small atoms that can easily slip past each other.

Lasting Impact

By creating the atomic theory, he led the path to modern understanding of atoms and matter.

FUN fact

His nickname was the "Laughing Philosopher" becuasse he had a tendancy to mock other fellow citizens for their follies.

Nothing exists except atoms and empty space; everything else is opinion.