Democratic Republicans

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Democratic Republicans

Republicans believed in a strict interpretation of the constitution. Feared a strong federal government because it might endanger people's liberties. Jefferson believed all powers not clearly given to the federal government in the Constitution should be left to the states. Republicans believed that democracy and libety would be safe only if ordinary people participated fully in government. They supported the principle of states' rights.

Gov. Powers

1796 - Presidential Election1797 - The XYZ Affair1798 - Alien and Sedation Acts1798 - Virginia Resolution1799 - Kentuky Resolution1800 - Presidential Election

Republicans believed that the governments power should be limited. They feared that a strong government would endanger the people's liberties. Jefferson believed in a more local government controlled by the state's than a federal government controlled by few people.


James MadisonPhilip FreneauSmall farmersUrban workers


"By a compact... [the states] constituted a General Government for special purposes,- dedicated to that government certian definate powers, reserving, each State to itself, the... right to own self-government

Democratic Republicans



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Thomas Jefferson

Foreign Affairs

Other Views

They were Pro French and so that meant that they favored France more than Britian

Lasting Impact

Jefferson's impact was huge. He was the one of the first people to start a political party. And it affected the rest of history.

The Republicans were laissez-faire's. Their policies revolved around free trade and had an emphasis on agriculture.


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