Democratic Republic Of Congo

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Democratic Republic Of Congo

Democratic Republic Of Congo

Congo's capital-Kinshasa Population- 67.51 million Official / Major Religions-Christianity 80% Roman Catholic 50%

GNI-45.79 billion pp dollarsType Of Goverment-Semi-presidential systemOverall life expectancy-49.62 years

3 Major Cities-Lubumbashi, Mbuji-Mayi, KinsangariOfficial language(s)-French

Current Events-Beni-Democratic Republic of Congo lawmakers say dozens of people were killed near Beni in North Kivu Province; attack is blamed on rebels of Allied Democratic Forces and National Army for the Liberation of Uganda.Nyonyi- Nyonyi Bwana Kawa, mayor of Beni, Democratic Republic of Congo, says rebels crept into houses and attacked civilians, killing at least 30 people around the eastern town.

Natural Resourses- Cobalt, Copper, Zinc.Currency-Congolese Franc

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