Democratic Republic of Congo

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Social Studies

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Democratic Republic of Congo

Because of its rainforests, the DRC lalso has sa wide variety of plants and flowers. One example is the Raphia palm that sstand in flooded swamps. Another common plant is the Service berry.

The DRC used to be part of the Belgian colony in 1908 and gained thier independence in 1960

The DRC is recognized as a republic and is relied by president Joseph Labila since January 17th, 2001.

Climate and Cities

Thei natural resources include coffee, palm oil, metals, timber,and cement.

Ethnic Clothing

This country relies most on mining resources such as cobalt, diamond, gold, copper, and oil. Almost $24 million of the DRCs income is from the mining industry

50% of the population of the Congonese are Roman Catholic, 20% are protestant, 10% Kimbanguist, 10% muslim, and the remaining 10% are related to indeginous beliefs.

Major Religions

French is the official language, however, they also speak Lingala, Kingwana, Kikongo, and Tshiluba

Natural Resources

Major Languages

Democratic Republic of the Congo

The DRC usually esperiences tropically hot and humid climates because of its location near the equater. Some famous cities include the capital, Kinshasa (4.39° S, 15.97° E), Ilebo (4.31° S, 20.60° E), and Tshikapa (6.42° S, 20.80° E)


Over 200 African ethnic groups live in the DRC , however, the majority are from the Mongo, Luba, Kongo, and the Mangbetu-Azande tribes

Women usually wear long, colorful skirts and tops with distinct patterns while men usualy weaer a button down shirt and long pants. Suits and ties were banned during dictatorship, however, now western clothing is relatively common.

Economic Industries

Major Ethnic Groups

Many people go to spiritual healers called ngangas who use saacred medicines to cure their patients. Many farmers also go to the ngangas to ask for good crops that season. Women also go to get pregnant.

Religious Customs

The DRC has a wide variety of animlas due to the different slimate regions and rainforests. Many of the famous native aimals are the endangered eastern low land gorilla, the african forest elephant, and the okapi and congo peacock

Native Animals

Colonizationand Independence Day

Native Vegetation

During greetings, most people shake hands while holding their right forearm aith their left hand. However, with men and women there is barely any physical contact.

Social Customs

Usually the congonese use maize, rice, sweet potatoes, yams, tomatoes, and pumpkins in their dishes as they are grown frequently in the DRC.

Native Food Dish


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