Democratic Republic of Congo Conflict

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Democratic Republic of Congo Conflict

Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) Conflict

Facts about the Congo - The conflict started in 1996 -Around 5.4 million people have died.

The History of the ConflictOur original conflict started in 1996 when Rwandan troops led by Laurent-Desire Kabila invaded the DRC and drove out the current ruler, Joseph Desire Mobuto. Laurent-Desire then declared himself the new ruler. Then in 1998 Kabila ordered all of the foreign troops in the DRC to leave the country. Almost all of them refused to leave. Instead of leaving, Rwanda backed another group, the Rassemblement Congolais pour la Democratie (RCD) and the RCD attacked govermnent troops in an attempt to get rid of Kabila. In response to this attack, Angola, Nambia, and Zimbabwea sent in troops to try to save the DRC's government. After these countries interveined, the RCD withdrew to the eastern part of the country. In 1999 another military group, the MLC joined the fight and took control of the northern part of the country, dividing it into 3 parts. Later that same year representitives from each party met to come up with an agreement that would end the violence. They wrote one, but the deadlines kept getting missed. People accused Kabila of hindering the process detailed in the agreement. Then in 2001 Laurent Kabila was assinated and was succeded by his son, Joseph Kabila. Joseph did a better job of sticking to the ceasefire. However, there is still a lot of violence in th Congo because the southern part of it wants to become it's own country, and at least 5 different military groups are still fighting over parts of the DRC.

Natural Recources of the DRC~Coltan ~Zinc ~Iron Ore~Cobalt ~Manganese ~Coal~Copper ~Tin ~Gold & Silver~Cadmium ~Germanium ~Bauxite~Petrolium ~Uranium~Diamonds ~Radium

Our CompromiseA compromise would not realistically work in this situation, so we had to come up with an alternate solution. The solution that we came up with was to have the United Nations warn the government of DRC that they all have to step down and give the positions of power to the people that the citizens of the DRC elect to the position(s).

How to keep the PeaceThe UN will help keep the Peace in DRC. They would remind the new government that the UN will have them step down if they started to become corrupted. Hopefully this will scare the new government officals enough to keep them on the right track.

The Congo's Flag

Map of Africa

Citizens of the DRC and a soldier

People fleeing the DRC

Soldiers patrolling

Congoleze people mining



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