Democratic Party

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Social Studies
American History

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Democratic Party

Franklin D. Roosevelt*Created jobs with the New Deal*Led the U.S. through WWII*President for 4 termsJohn F. Kennedy*Civil rights activist*Responded to Cuban nuclear crisis*Assassinated in 1963Jimmy Carter*Wanted a "competent and compassionate" government*Helped decrease unemployment*Decreased budget deficit

Issues on Energy

The views the Democratic party have on Energy are very different then that of the Republican party. The Democratic party is very against using non renewable resources and wants to focus more on Americas natural recources.i.e- wind power, solar power and biofuels


*Barack Obama- President *Joe Biden- VP*Nancy Peiosi- House Leader*Harry Reid- Senate Majority Leader*Debbie Wasserman-Schultz- National Comitee Chair

Current Leaders

By Rachel Quist and Anecia Nazario




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