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Democratic Party

Democratic Party



Future Goals

Democrats today are fighting to repair a decade and grow an economy based on the values of the middle class. They are focused not only on helping our economy in the short run, but also working towards a more reliable economy for the long run for all Americans.

-Higher tax rates for higher income brackets - Raise taxes to fund government- Want to improve community and social responsibility - Support gay marraige and abortion - Government involvement - Transparent and effective government make economic sense- Support government regulations to protect consumers

Democrats offer America the opportunity to move our country forward by creating an economy built to last starting from the middle out.

Moving America Forward

"Our party was founded on the conviction that wealth and privilege shouldn’t be an entitlement to rule and the belief that the values of hardworking families are the values that should guide us." -Democratic National Committee


- Do not want to go back to the way government was before (1789)- Generally oppose the death penalty- Opppose halting the Syrian refugee program- Less fortunate should not be helped out by private organizations- Against disbanning unions- Disagree on spending more money for military

Percentage of Democrats and Republicans


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